The RrSG TechOps Sub-Committee was founded in April 2017 to address technical and operational needs and challenges. We currently have about 60 members from the RrSG so far and it is open to everyone from each member. By creating this sub-committee we want to create an open space to exchange experiences and to discuss ideas.

The RrSG TechOps Sub-Committee has identified about 15 potential topics and prioritised them. We want to work on each topic for a couple of weeks and then wrap things up, writing a summary and providing that back to the RrSG, to reach out to the Registries, ICANN staff, and/or other 3rd parties. We do not plan to reinvent the wheel, so we are looking into the work that was already done.

If you are a member of the RrSG and some of your software developers, product managers and/or other colleagues want to join, please let us know by contacting the Secretary.