We welcome all ICANN-accredited registrars to join and participate in the Registrar Stakeholder Group. If you are not yet accredited, you may learn more at ICANN Accreditation Website.

Benefits of Registrar Stakeholder Group Membership:

  • Access and use of the private mailing list.
  • Attendance at Registrar Stakeholder Group meetings.
  • Vote for important matters that affect registrars.
  • Access to Registrar Stakeholder Group support.
  • A voice in development of policy that impacts registrars, their businesses and customers.
  • Opportunity to interact with registrar colleagues, registries and other stakeholders.

Criteria for Registrar Stakeholder Group Membership:

Fees for Registrar Stakeholder Group Membership:

  • $1,000 USD for the 2019 fiscal year (subject to annually approved RrSG budget)
  • The fiscal year is 1 July through 30 June
  • Membership fee may be pro-rated for first time members applying in the second half of the fiscal year

How to Join the Registrar Stakeholder Group:

Please complete the membership application.  You will be contacted following review of your application. If you are unable to use Google Forms, you may also download the following PDF and send it back to membership@icannregistrars.org.

How to Pay the Membership Fee:

Payment may be made by one of the following methods:


Please complete the following two steps then click “Pay Now”:

STEP 1) Paypal Payment Type (Paypal charges $19 unless you use existing funds at Paypal)



STEP 2) IANA ID and Voting Member
(Please enter your registrar name and IANA ID)


STEP 3) Click Pay Now:


Please make check for $1000 in U.S. funds payable to:

John B. Berryhill, LLC (Registrar IOLTA)
c/o Cristin Donahue-Brouillard
Registrar Stakeholder Group
204 East Chester Pike
First Floor, Suite 3
Ridley Park, PA 19078-0122

For new members paying by check, please send confirmation to membership@icannregistrars.org along with the registrar name and IANA ID.  For renewals, please complete the registrar name and IANA ID on the invoice and return it via email to membership@icannregistrars.org.

Wire Transfer

$1000 Payment may also be made by wire transfer.  Please contact membership@icannregistrars.org for the bank details.  Please note you will need to add $15 (total of $1015) for a wire transfer originating in the United States or $25 (total of $1025) if originating outside the United States.